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Working with Leash Love

Is fur a part of your daily wardrobe? Is drool a part of your daily diet? Do you love dogs and cats and small animals of any size, shape, and personality? Do you love being active and outdoors?


Then let us tell you a little bit about working with Leash Love!

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A little bit about Leash Love:

We are a small but successful growing company comprised of "crazy animal people"!

We have been in business since May of 2007.

We've become North Shore of Boston's trusted source for dog walking, pet sitting, and doggy daycare.

What you'll experience working with Leash Love:

Leash Love - Logo & Icons (26).png
Leash Love - Logo & Icons (26).png
Leash Love - Logo & Icons (26).png
Leash Love - Logo & Icons (26).png

There will always be more work if it's wanted. We have a great presence in the area. We have a continuous growth in our client base and are branching out into new service areas. 

You'll gain invaluable experience and knowledge in all aspects of animal care and training. You'll have a friendly team of professionals helping you along the way, with room to move up and grow with us.

As compared to other walking companies, our pay rate is well above the rest.

And what's most important is we all love what we do and do what we love.

Want to become a part of the pack?

Check out some of our pack leaders in action!

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